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Tucker Carlson: Church of Environmentalism is now the state religion of the USA

by WorldTribune Staff, February 13, 2023

The Constitution prohibits the U.S. government from having a state religion. But leftists never let a trivial thing such as the Constitution get in their way.

"Climate activists" have "without saying so out loud, created a religion, all the features you would recognize in any conventional religion," Fox News host Tucker Carlson noted in his Friday broadcast.

Michael Crichton, a novelist and movie producer who turned out films and bestselling books such as "The Andromeda Strain," and "Jurassic Park," "was also — and this is less remembered — a political philosopher and a very wise one," Carlson noted. "Twenty years ago, before he died, Michael Crichton delivered a talk in San Francisco about the climate crisis and he described climate activism in that speech as the religion — not a political movement, a religion — for urban atheists, for people who rejected every aspect of Judaism and Christianity."

These climate activists "had their Eden, which would be the world before the settlers arrived. They would have their original sin because every religion has that. In their case, it would be the Industrial Revolution and because of that original sin, they believed a rapture was coming, an end of times, and in their telling, the end of times was climate catastrophe."

Carlson continued: "The only way to save yourself from this rapture, from this end of times, was to renounce your energy sins and embrace climate activism. So, Crichton identified this as a sign that religious beliefs are inherent. Everyone has them, even atheists. You may not worship God, but you're going to worship something and that's true. Well, not many political theories age well even over 20 years, but Michael Crichton's has."

In America, Carlson added, "as church attendance and self-identified religious faith have fallen off a cliff ... the cult of climate has grown even stronger. Now, even the president of the United States is warning that the world is ending. Unless we pass the Green New Deal and legalize abortion 'til the moment of birth, Joe Biden says climate change will destroy the world. You'd better pass the Democratic Party's agenda. If you don't, you are joining 'the single most existential threat' to humanity you've ever faced, including nuclear weapons. It's Code Red!"

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